Where does my donation go

Wild Mongoo empowers women which includes vulnerable women, female sex workers and women from the hard of hearing community. We provide the ladies with skills development, counselling, financial guidance, food security and a community of support while on our training program.

The focus of this program is to uplift and empower these women to provide for themselves, their families and to become contributing members of society. Thereafter, we strive to assist them in finding employment within their newly developed sphere of skills.

100% of your donation goes towards sponsoring a sister to provide her with an income to support herself and her family, while on our training program. Alternatively, you can choose to donate towards the ladies medical needs, housing requirements or to further their education. This directly enables her to provide a brighter future for herself and for her family. Wild Mongoo also partners with a street ministry called Azaria, meaning “God Helps”, who reach out to vulnerable women who are being trafficked for sex work. Through building relationships and loving on the ladies, they encourage and aid the ladies to help themselves and escape the entrapment. Rescued ladies are then empowered at Wild Mongoo.

Click on the options below to donate monthly or once off towards either of these worthy causes.