My name is Brenda and I’m blessed to be a mom of two! I have way too many favourite colours, but if I had to choose, it would probably be yellow. If I won the lotto, I’d love to start a taxi bus service to help people get to and from work every day, as we live in a more remote area and transport is an issue for so many that want to work. It’s also a dream of mine to open a children’s home for children who have nowhere else to go.


I am Lungelwa! I can be quite serious at times, but I enjoy a good laugh. I dream of learning how to cook and becoming a professional chef. I would also love to see the world and travel, one day. I am also passionate about taking photos, so if I won the lottery, that’s exactly how I would spend my money. Traveling the world and taking photos. My favourite colour is black and I would choose a pair of jeans over a frilly dress any day!


My name is Sarah.. My family is extremely important to me and I enjoy spending my free time with them, laughing and having a good time. I’m extremely hard working and determined. I’m not afraid of a challenge and I also enjoy teaching others.


My name is Meagan Lee. You’ll always find me visiting friends over the weekend and even though I’m hard of hearing, I have earned the nickname chatterbox at work! I love learning new things and if I’m not stimulated enough, I often get bored. I take great pride in my work and like to take my time making sure my products are perfect. My desire is to one day learn to become a chef and to be able to make my favourite food, pizza, for others to enjoy!


My name is Elizabeth, but my friends call me Bettie. I’m in my 50’s and have 2 beautiful children, a girl and a boy, and one angel child, in Heaven. I prefer wearing jeans over dresses and I absolutely love shoes. If I won a million rand, I’d spend all my money on shoes, I love them that much!

Astie Ann

My name is Astie Ann. I have two young, growing boys and like all boy moms, I’m already struggling to keep up with their food intake and growing out of their clothes. I love walks on the beach and watching movies at home. I am passionate about motivating and caring for the girls I work with.


I am Sarie. I am a very caring person and I’ll always find the space, time, and money to help whoever is in need. People often tell me I have a heart like a taxi.
If I won the lotto, I’d like to buy a house for my family, and then I’d like to donate the rest of the money to a cause very close to my heart, cancer research.


My name is Mercia and I was blessed with two angels who are now in heaven. My favourite colour to wear is black, because it makes me look thinner. I love dressing up and enjoy all things fashion related! I have a vibrant bubbly personality and tend to be the life of the party. I’m known for my big earrings and bright lipsticks.


I am Chanté! I’m a wife and mom. When I first started working I only had 2 children, but I now have three children and I am able to support my family completely, through the income I earn at Wild Mongoo. I dream of being able to make enough money so that I can help charities. I love fashion and dressing up in pretty dresses, heels and of course an accessory handbag. I’m a patient, kind person and people often describe me as selfless and brave.


My name is Angel. I enjoy nothing better than relaxing over the weekend and falling asleep in front of the tv, besides maybe ice cream. Ice cream has to be my favourite food. Like all 20-something-year-olds, I’m still deciding what I’d like to learn to do when I’m older, but I really enjoy working for Wild Mongoo.


My name is Daniel. My three favourite colours are red, white and black. I love wearing pretty dresses, but I don’t like wearing makeup. I prefer a more natural look. I dream of starting a hostel for children and students who don’t have a place to live. I’m always helping others and you’ll usually find me helping someone who’s struggling with their work over doing my own. I love singing and listening to music on my phone.



I am Rashieda, I am a 23 years old woman. I was born and raised in George. I am the youngest of 3 sisters from my father’s side. My eldest sister raised me. Family is the most important thing to me, and will do anything for them. I am a mother to a beautiful baby boy. He is my motivation. My dream is to finish my studies, so that I can take care of my people, the people who took care of me. I want to be a businesswomen to show my son that he can reach his goals through God’s grace and hard work. I want to help my community, and uplift the people,the way Wild Mongoo has done for me. I am part of the Wild Mongoo printing and administrative team, and I love doing it.


My name is Lydia. I am a 26 years old woman. I love my family more than I love myself. My family is extremely important to me, and I enjoy spending time with them. Making jokes and laughing together is always fun. I am a hard- working woman and not afraid of a challenge. I also enjoy teaching others to sew. I am friendly and honest. I am passionate about the products I make at Wild Mongoo. I am part of the sewing team. My dream is to have my own Fashion Designer business and help other people.


My name is Xoliswa Foschini,I am a 23 year old woman. I was raised in Parkdene. Both my parents have passed away, and that is when I started substance abuse, and selling my body for money. I did not have work, but I met the most amazing, God-loving person. Tannie Annalie. She helped me get clean and stop substance abuse. I want to thank her for that. I started working at wild Mongoo. Started to learn new and different skills. Skills that I can now teach others. I am part of the team that makes clay earrings, but can be flexible and help wherever I am needed .My dream is to help other women and help them realise their potential

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