Pearl Bloom Bracelet Set


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This pearl bracelet set is the perfect accessory to help you bloom into your full potential. This bracelet set is a charming reminder to embrace growth and beauty in your daily life.

17 in stock

17 in stock



My name is Daniel. My three favourite colours are red, white and black. I love wearing pretty dresses, but I don’t like wearing makeup. I prefer a more natural look. I dream of starting a hostel for children and students who don’t have a place to live. I’m always helping others and you’ll usually find me helping someone who’s struggling with their work over doing my own. I love singing and listening to music on my phone. My favourite food is a delicious chicken biryani dish with salad.


Here are a few tips on how to care for your beaded jewellery. Our beads are durable; however, they’re not tarnish proof. It is recommended that you remove all beaded jewellery before showering, swimming or exercising. Also remove jewellery before applying hair products, sprays or perfumes as well as when working with household detergents. Beaded jewellery can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.


Our Bracelet Sizes

Small – Between 16 and 18cm

Medium – Between 18 and 20cm

Large – Between 19 and 21cm

Each bead is individually selected and strung with the utmost love and care to make beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Our bloom bracelet set includes 3 separate beaded bracelets, each with a different design. This beaded set features a design made with 6mm painted, pearlized glass beads, alternating gold plated, iron, spacer beads as well as white and gold letter beads, spelling out the word “bloom”. Accompanied by another bracelet made from the same 6mm painted, pearlized glass beads and alternating gold plated, iron, spacer beads. The third beaded bracelet is completely made from the 6mm painted, pearlized glass beads and they are all strung together on stretchable crystal thread.