Pearl Gold Bracelet


This dreamy bracelet is like gazing into a soothing sunset with its soft and muted pearl hues. Adding a touch of glamour, golden embellishments dance along the delicate design. A charming accessory that will have you feeling like a pearl of wisdom with each graceful flick of your wrist.



I am Lungelwa and I am 25 years of age! I am shy and very precise about things. I can also be quite serious at times, but I enjoy a good laugh. I dream of learning how to cook and becoming a professional chef. I would also love to see the world and travel, one day.  I am also passionate about taking photos, so if I won the lottery, that’s exactly how I would spend my money. Traveling the world and taking photos. My favourite colour is black and I would choose a pair of jeans over a frilly dress any day!


Our Bracelet Sizes

Small – Between 16 and 18cm

Medium – Between 18 and 20cm

Large – Between 19 and 21cm



This beautiful bracelet is made from painted, pearlized glass beads and and plated iron spacer beads with one bracelet featuring metallic spacer beads.


Here are a few tips on how to care for your beaded jewellery. Our beads are durable; however, they’re not tarnish proof. It is recommended that you remove all beaded jewellery before showering, swimming or exercising. Also remove jewellery before applying hair products, sprays or perfumes as well as when working with household detergents. Beaded jewellery can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.