Zebra Copper Bracelet


Step into the wild side of fashion with our enchanting wooden Zebra print bracelet! Handcrafted with love, this untamed accessory features captivating zebra patterns, bringing a fierce and exotic touch to any outfit. Embrace your inner fashionista and let your wrist roar with style!

Embrace Africa with our 6mm wooden bead bracelet featuring a striking zebra print charm, nature-inspired beauty and safari chic.



My name is Meagan Lee. I’m not married yet, but I’m in a relationship with an awesome man. You’ll always find me visiting friends over the weekend and even though I’m hard of hearing, I have earned the nickname chatterbox at work! I love learning new things and if I’m not stimulated enough, I often get bored. I take great pride in my work and like to take my time making sure my products are perfect. My secret desire is to one day learn to become a chef and to be able to make my favourite food, pizza, for others to enjoy!


Our Bracelet Sizes

Small – Between 16 and 18cm

Medium – Between 18 and 20cm

Large – Between 19 and 21cm



This beautiful bracelet is made from wooden beads with a wooden charm and copper seed beads.


Here are a few tips on how to care for your beaded jewellery. Our beads are durable; however, they’re not tarnish proof. It is recommended that you remove all beaded jewellery before showering, swimming or exercising. Also remove jewellery before applying hair products, sprays or perfumes as well as when working with household detergents. Beaded jewellery can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.