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and we’ve got you covered!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start packing away all the winter jackets and lovely, thick coats, because spring has officially graced us. We have dug deep and consulted the experts, so you don’t have to, to spot what’s hot and trending this season. Believe us when we tell you it’s time to stock up on your colours!

We’re waving goodbye to drab greys and harsh blacks that seem to emerge in winter. This season is all about boldness and visibility! BDA London, a London based creative agency that specialises in trend forecasting, product range planning, as well as brand strategy, has listed the four top colours to keep your eyes on this spring.

Electric blue, tiger orange, mulberry and pistachio formed part of the winning four colours and are predicated to be very popular. We can expect blue, orange, maroon and green will soon be taking over the store front windows of our go-to favourite stores. In fact if you’ve been to your nearest shopping malls, you may have already noticed these bold colour pieces trickling in.

It is also rumoured that colour blocking is making a comeback, it has become especially popular amongst fashion bloggers. Which will either be to your shock and horror, or to your delight, depending on your preference. Colour blocking is the exercise of styling two or more contradicting, bold colours in an outfit, particularly referring to primary colours. Colour blocking is yet to appeal to some women; while others are out there rocking it! Do you, boo.

Enlightened with some spring fashion tips, we hope you will be strutting the streets with confidence in your beautiful bright colours! And if all else fails, we think pink looks good on everyone, in true Wild Mongoo style!

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