Empowering women in Africa, one WILD product at a time.

Wild Mongoo empowers women from Africa

“After getting married, I volunteered at a children’s home. It was there that I met and fell in love with a child who would become my oldest son. Throughout my time volunteering and through the process of adopting my son, I was overwhelmed by the need of children and felt compelled to help.

But through the years of helping with different charities, I found that the only sustainable way to help children was to empower their mothers. While volunteering for a charity that produced hand rolled paper beads I fell in love with the amazing women and the products they created. It was these experiences and the love of these amazing women that inspired me to create Wild Mongoo. To create a platform for ordinary women like myself to impact the strong women of Africa by sharing their talents with the world.

This was an idea that I shared with friends over coffee, women who are like-minded and also desire to change the future of women in Africa.
Inspired to help make a difference, many of them have joined me on my journey to make this dream a reality. I cannot wait to see how many lives we can impact.”

– Lindsay Hogan, Founder.

Lindsay Hogan

I’m the heart behind this little operation and my family is a posse of 4, but half of our posse has left the farm.

I eat, sleep and drink Wild Mongoo, with lots of coffee breaks.

I love pretty things almost as much as I love caramel and I’m on a mission to make my life count.

Annalie Cable

I am the Google of the team. If you need to be connected or something invented.. I am the ideas lady! You dare to dream and I make it happen. I love to gather people for a cause.

My heart is like a taxi, there is always space for another one. My passion is to see broken women restored to reflect the beauty within (God’s glory) and to empower them to reach their potential.

Road trips, a good curry, a warm fire and firm friends inspire me.

Mikaila Hendrikz

I’m the mom boss of two gorgeous kids and enough dogs and cats to re-enact Simba being held over the crowd by Rafiki.

I absolutely love anything to do with animals, hiking and eating chocolate (life is about balance, right?).

I love a glass of wine overlooking the mountains and the smell of a good south African braai. I’m the earthy one but love to dress up and add a little glamour too. My favourite accessory is definitely earrings.

Shannon Cooper

Nice to ‘meet’ you. I’m Shannon, our marketing and sales gal. I’m driven by making a difference, so others may live. I’ve got a serious love of people, fashion and all things aesthetic.

I’m passionate about photography and finding the beautiful in the mundane. To quote Maya Angelo, “My mission in life is to not merely survive, but to thrive; and do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.”

Also, my favourite colour is pink, fitting hey?!

Chanri Odendaal

I am an enthusiastic, passionate, and courageous woman. My pursuit in life is to be an ambassador of change.

I have traveled the world and have worked with people from all walks of life and cultures. I have a passion for vulnerable women and will go to great lengths to make a difference in their lives.

Siân Grindlay

A lover of Jesus, rusks, the colour beige and exercise pretty much sums me up.

Lindsay calls me the brains of the organisation (I’ll take it) but my heart simply beats to make a difference in the world, whether that is for one person or many, on the ground or on the analytical and numerical side of things.

A simple pearl or chain necklace goes along way with my style.

Athane Scholtz